Types Of Hospitality Aprons That You Should Know

Types Of Hospitality Aprons That You Should Know

Hospitality aprons find a multitude of uses. The hospitality industry especially emphasizes the use of an apron, but that doesn’t limit its usability. You can find gardeners using the aprons, lab technicians using the apron, and even the house staff use it. Hence, these are highly versatile pieces of clothing that you must not ignore.

Hospitality aprons protect the clothes from the splashes and stains of oil and grease, but they also present the staff professionally. Many hospitality companies have the name of the staff imprinted on it. This gives a more professional appeal.

Nowadays, most companies are opting for personalized aprons. Hence, if you too wish to create brand awareness or draw more attention from the people, then you must consider investing in customized aprons. You can easily find a vendor who can help you with this. So, if you are planning to invest in hospitality aprons, then read this blog. We have tried to cover all the possible hospitality apron options available in the market.

6 Types of Hospitality Aprons

If you are planning to buy hospitality aprons, then you need to choose to form a wide range of options. But, again, the type of apron depends on the purpose of use. Here we are discussing some of the popular hospitality aprons.

Bib aprons

These are the conventional aprons that come with adjustable ties at the neck and the waist.

These aprons provide coverage from the torso to the knee and come with pockets.

These are also popularly known as cafearoins, gardening aprons, and others.

Cross Back aprons

These are the modification of the bib apron, and these have stapes that rest on the shoulder and cross over the back.

These are either made of fabric or leather.

Waist aprons

These are shorter in length and hence don’t provide much body coverage. You would find them popularly used by barbers, waitresses, or office staff.

Cafe aprons

These are full-length waist aprons and are popularly used by chefs and house staff.

Pinafore aprons

It is easy to wear an apron. All you need to do is to slip into it.

It provides full-body coverage.

The strap sits on the shoulders, and it is designed so that it is perfect for all body types.

Waterproof aprons

These aprons are particularly beneficial for those who are working in an environment where they need to come in contact with water.

Lab staff, kitchen staff, and school food tech staff find these aprons to be helpful.

These are usually made of PVC or nylon.

The primary purpose of using these aprons is to keep the clothes clean. Moreover, you would not want splashes of oil and dirt to stain your clothes while you are working.

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Tips for Buying Hospitality Aprons

1. Choose an experienced supplier who can provide you all the types

2. Do not ignore the quality of the apron

3. Ask for the different style options.

4. Do ask for a sample of their work or ask them to prepare a sample apron for you

5. Compare the pricing.

Wrapping it up!!!

If you plan to buy an apron for your need, you must first assess your requirement. We have discussed a few of the common types of aprons present in the market. Then, based on your need you can choose one. However, you must ensure that the apron should be of good quality and must last longer. Also, check the size of the apron before buying. Selecting a hospitality apron is also about improving customer perceptions and creating a more professional image. So, make sure that you choose the best quality apron.

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