About the good: You will get a nice long break from this mess during the holidays

About the bad: There are almost no staff here. Staff changes are frequent, and when someone leaves, they are not replaced; instead, their responsibilities are shared among other unwitting employees. The fees are below market, and the benefits are terrible. Everyone is depressed, and you see it every day if you work here, if you like it.

 My opinion: The CEO is mostly using Material Bank, which really looks promising. Unfortunately, this leads to negligence towards outdated media brands, even as he purchases various inappropriate toys like Galerie, etc. The CEO is out of operations and decided not to recruit staff on that front. The result is a completely disorganized workplace. Nobody ever knows what’s going on. There are several long-term employees who, despite their incompetence, have acquired a permanent term. They will throw everyone they can under the bus. You won’t even know that you have been stabbed because there are no intelligent communication channels. Good luck!

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